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Bridge It

Entry Fees:Rs.200

Max. No. of the participants: 2

Does the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco or Tower bridge of London fascinate you? So how would it feel to build a bridge all by yourself and that too, with the simplest of all tools- BALSA WOOD STICK!!! The objective of this event is for the team to design and build the lightest bridge with highest structural efficiency.

Design Constraints:

1. The bridge must be of length 300 mm with a tolerance of +/- 10 mm.
2. The maximum breadth (B) of the bridge should be 80mm with a tolerance of +10mm (towers excluded).
3. The roadway should be continuous and should allow a 65 mm x 65mm hypothetical vehicle to pass the entire length of the bridge. (Penalty: Participants will be disqualified if any of the above rules is violated.) 4. The dead mass of the bridge should not exceed 500 g

Judging Criteria:

Dead mass of the Bridge (M) in kg Vertical Deflection of the center of the bridge deck during failure (D) in mm Load carried by the structure before failure (L)
1. If the structure carries ‘X’ kg load before failure and the corresponding team will be awarded the ‘E’ score where Structural Efficiency E = X/M points. Bridges will be ranked according to ‘E’.
2. If the E is same then the deflection D will be checked and then the bridge with lower deflection will be given a better rank.