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Entry Fees:Rs.50

Max. No. of the participants: 1

INSCRIBE 2.0 is a freelance writing competition comprising of 2 rounds, wherein the participants would be asked to write an article on any technical trends and happenings within the given time.

The event comprises of 2 rounds, whose description are as follows-
Round 1: The participants would be given 5 minutes to use their mobile phones and they can search for any latest technical trends and after completion of 5 minutes, the participants would be asked to write on the technical trends, without any assistance from the mobile phones (mobile phones would be collected after 5 minutes)
Round 2: 1/3rd of the first round participants would qualify for this round and they would be again asked to write an article/essay on the technical trends. The topics would be allotted on the chit system, which would be having the article titles. There would be 5 different topics.

Top 2 articles would be chosen would be published in the college magazine, 5 articles would be shown to Associate Dean Sir and the best articles from both the rounds would be uploaded on the ‘INSCRIBE’ blog, managed by Rishabh Sinha, MBA TECH IT, 3rd Year.

All the participants have to register themselves prior to the event, and all the participants would be awarded “Certificate of Participation” and the winners of the second round would be awarded “Certificate of Appreciation”.