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Akash Agrawal


Akash Agrawal , a must needed guy in every event. He is a student council member , Team captain UAS NMIMS and favorite of all the professor . His technical knowledge is beyond imagination, needless to say he specializes in Technical and Sponsorship department. This guy had a problem of dwindling to #Protsahan this year , but he has decided to work with the best.

Vaibhav Jain

lead programmer

Vaibhav, hailing all the way from our pink city Jaipur, is a silent person and a good observer. He has his own way of working things out. He never gets tired from learning new things. This website would not have been a great hit without this guy's programming behind it, all day and night. If you wanna have this guy working for you, all you have to do is get him some cheese pakoda and Bam! Your work is done! #cheeselover P.S Ye ladka bohot khaata hai- khaana bhi or dimaag bhi.

Somen Jaiswal

Lead programmer

One of the programmers of the team, Somen aka Somu is a simple and a kind hearted Mahrashtrian. A very diligent and a coding enthusiast, he is a very sociable guy too. One can always see him carry a kind of positive vibe around him.



Raman aka Paaji is one of the most friendly person we have got. With his great sense of humour ,no one forgets to laugh whenever they are with him. He likes to work with latest technologies and edit pictures. He is all-rounder and there is nothing that he doesn't do.

Piyush Mishra


Piyush AKA Mishraji hails from a very sacred place,the Allahabad city. A tech savvy person with an intense desire to learn new things, he believes in the ideology of putting smaller things together to make a bigger thing. Being good at programming, Piyush was a great support to the entire team. Adding up to his qualities is his philosophical knowledge. Above all, a fun guy and a downright awesome person.