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M.A.D. Talks

Entry Fees: Rs.50

Max. No. of the participants: 3

About the event:
Participate and be a part of this astounding event called Make A Difference Talks viz. M.A.D. Talks where participation is very simple which is to give a presentation on “what” your idea is, “why” it is out-of-the-box and not easily possible to implement, but yes “why” you think is sheer brilliance! And yes the concept should be original and scientifically correct. Event consist of 3 rounds.
1. All abstracts should be received in *.pdf format strictly and should be sent to latest by 18th January ’17, 10 p.m.
2. Shortlisted participants should bring presentations in a pen drive.
3. Judges will evaluate and short list best 5 teams per department(tentatively- subject to time available) for 2nd round.
4. There will be individual departmental sections, namely Mechanical, Civil, CS, IT,etc.
5. The selected teams for 2nd round would have to prepare a presentation of maximum about 15 minutes which would be presented during AMBIORA ’17 in front of the panel of judges.
6. The presentation will be followed by a questionnaire session based on the proposed idea, ONLY with the judges.
7. On the basis of the questionnaire and the presentation further 4 teams would be shortlisted for the final round.
8. In the final round, there will be a questionnaire session between the competitors themselves, followed by a questionnaire with the audience.
9. the contestants will be judged on the basis of how they ask and answer questions.

There will be a mock session conducted before 10 days of the event.