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Toon Trivia

Entry Fees: FREE

Max. No. of the participants: 1

About the Event:
Pikaa piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. YES ! all the funks and fun we had in our childhood ,imagined to have gadgets like doraemon and fight like Tom & Jerry. It’s the time to play it again with same excitement and enthusiasm. Toon Trivia will drag you to the world of famous cartoon characters. So let’s give a face palm to “GROWING UP”. Solve mysteries and puzzles using Scooby doo’s mystery machine and become Riche Rich by winning prizes worth Rs.2500.

Rules for the quiz are as follows :
1. The quiz is consist of 30 levels, the difficulty of questions rises by each level.
2. Questions are mixed regarding cartoons. If you are stuck somewhere, simply Google and answer the question.
3. The event starts from 23rd January’17 6 p.m. to 24th Jaunuary’17 3 a.m. and also be continued on 24th Jaunuary’17 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Answer Format :
Answer must have all small letters
Do not include spaces in the answer
Do not include symbols as :;()[]"' etc
Also, answers should be submitted in encrypted form.
E.g. Encryption is BNCFPSB for ambiora
and if the answer is imgoingtoattendambiora
It should be entered as FNHPFMHUUFMEBNCFPSB.